A lot of visitors to Hong Kong come with this as their sole purpose. There are trans-friendly events such as drag shows and drag brunches taking place in the city all year round, but this isn’t the only way to meet someone. It’s always good to have options, and you do here.

There is a prominent trans community, which is great news if you want to date a ladyboy in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is home to the Harmonics, a trans-friendly community choir, and other such groups. Their name reflects their efforts to create interaction and communication between various sectors of the community, including its notable LGBT supporters.

Most of the trans women in the Chinese city are not local. There are many from other Asian countries like Thailand and the Philippines. Chinese trans women are in the minority as China is less tolerant of them as a country. Hong Kong is more liberal than mainland China and has a buoyant drag scene.

Dating trans women in this city is pretty much like dating them anywhere else. You can find someone to date at one of the many pro-trans clubs, bars, cabarets, and theaters or at a concert. Local ladyboys are normally friendly and nice to foreigners. What’s more, they speak good English.

Ladyboys are regulars at the city’s cabaret shows. As a result, foreigners who are interested in dating them flock to these events as well, so you’ll have some competition.

When you come here, look for a local organization that supports LGBT-positive events. There are quite a few of those, and you can see a list of options and cultural offerings at hklgff.hk. Events specifically targeting trans people are fewer in number.

The city’s drag queen shows are inclusive, welcoming, and a blast to attend. If you decide to go to one, you’ll have a great time and probably meet at least one person you’re romantically interested in. There are lots of drag queens in the city, which probably explains the multitude of shows.

You can also meet ladyboys at Hong Kong’s Zoo Bar cabaret, where all of the performers are trans, or on the internet. We recommend legitimate international dating sites. Once you find someone to date, there will be no shortage of places in Hong Kong to take them to.