Apple has, by far, one of the most convenient operating systems in the world of computing. Apple users get to enjoy a full range of apps that can only run on iOS. Along with apps that run better on iOS, are exclusive Apple apps that only owners of Apple devices can use.

Apps come and go, but there are a handful you can look forward to when you’re an Apple user. Below are some apps you might want to install on your device. Some of these apps may not be new, but they’re getting the updates they deserve to ensure a better user experience.


This app is as minimalistic as its name, but it has innovative algorithms to help users find peace of mind in this fast-paced world. Non is a meditation app, though it’s one of many. What makes it stand out is the use of different sounds to help you meditate. Non randomizes these sounds to prevent users from predicting or focusing solely on the sounds. Along with the relaxing visuals, Non helps users clear their minds and just relax.


RuneScape was one of the most popular MMO games back in the early 2000s. As the last of the servers shut down in 2018, players felt like they were saying a final goodbye to a fun chapter of their childhood. Luckily, British video game developer Jagex is set to revive the game for a mobile platform. Later this year, players can once again revive their love for fantasy games when RuneScape hits the mobile arena.


It’s like watching TV featuring some of your favorite Instagram celebs. IGTV allows your social media stans to create long-form videos that you can watch on a full screen. The app also lets you browse through thousands of other similar videos to help you discover new Instagram favorites. While the app mostly works as a streaming service, new updates are sure to come by with new and exciting features.

Glitch Art Studio

Looking to flex your creative muscle with a photo editing app that’s more than just pretty filters? Glitch Art Studio brings your photos to life with creative new filters. From making your photos look like pop art to adding vintage flair, Glitch Art Studio transforms your boring old photos to artsy creations fit to hang on your wall. Each iOS update for the app comes with mind-blowing new filters you’ll love!

Make the most out of your iOS and download these cool apps today!