Best VR apps on IOS


New York Times VR

New York Times uploads stories to the VR app for IOS. The VR stories allow for experiences NY times readers would not have access to otherwise. For example, US citizens have a passport restriction on Syria. Unless you’re a US soldier deployed to fight ISIS, you won’t set foot in the country. With VR, you can virtually step into a war-torn Syria, where Russia and the US fight a proxy war.

The crisis started in 2011. While the internet allows for people from the US to talk to Syrian peers over social apps, VR offers users a way for people to gain perspective and exchange experiences. Entire city centers have been destroyed, and there’s a need for reconstruction. With the NYT VR app, users can travel to places without taking a plane.

The Guardian VR

To compete with companies like the New York Times, who have developed VR software for IOS, the Guardian has released an app to virtually publish stories. Of course, developing the stories takes more time than publishing content in print. Therefore, users will currently only find new material on a monthly basis. The appeal for downloading the Guardian app lies in that the content proves more immersive and visual than reading articles in the paper.


Ryot VR, much like The Guardian and the New York Times, provides users with serious stories. It’s as much a platform as a way for users to experience remote places. The app is free. Where you may run out of content journalism on one app, there’s several to download for free to experience more. Plus, it’s not a bad idea to explore stories from multiple sources to determine which perspectives prove credible.


YouTube now offers VR experiences. Rather than purchasing a music streaming service for VR, users can access the YouTube VR app for free to watch videos with 360-degree audio. The YouTube app will seem familiar to YouTube users, except the viewers will get to experience VR features for an enhanced experience.

Pornhub VR

As far as apps for VR porn, you’ll first want to download Google cardboard. You’ll need a Google cardboard headset. You’ll also download videos to your device. Pornhub has a VR app compatible for IOS. Since Pornhub is a major player in the porn industry, the VR library proves extensive. If you’re looking for mobile vr porn videos to download on your smartphone, there are apps like Badoink Video Downloader.


This VR app shares a similar layout to that of Netflix. You can choose from several VR experiences in a format that looks like you’re choosing a movie to watch. The familiar interface makes for easy navigation. Moreover, major companies such as Sony and Samsung, both of which currently dominate the VR industry, have invested in Within.

InMind 2 VR

Is this app a valid excuse for med students to not study and play VR instead? Probably not, but players will be exposed to neurological chemicals and neurotransmitters. As the name suggests, you’ll get to navigate the inside of a brain. Who is to say that young students will not find this app exciting and go on to become neuroscientists, who discover a cure for brain cancer?


Google Earth

If you already thought the street view in Google Maps was impressive, Google Earth street view in VR will make you forget you’re not walking the streets of… well, any place you decide to go. That’s the appeal of Google Earth VR. You have the liberty to globetrot virtually.